Tree Position

R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > U152/S28 > L2/S139 > ZZ48 > ZZ56 > FGC10530 > PR5365

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRFGC
8303176-G-A 8435135-G-A FGC10517 YY+
18568413-G-C 16456533-G-C FGC10540 YY+
16593622-T-G 14481742-T-G FGC10532 YY+
23858817-C-T 21696931-C-T FGC10553 Y+
8534545-C-T 8666504-C-T FGC10518 YY+
19077641-G-T 16965761-G-T FGC10542 YY+
14074184-A-C 11953478-A-C FGC10524 YY+
14307990-A-T 12187284-A-T FGC10525 YY+
3909602-AATT-A 4041561-AATT-A +
15209814-A-G 13097900-A-G FGC10527 YY+
2743088-T-A 2875047-T-A FGC10504 YY+
17996800-G-A 15884920-G-A FGC10539 P7_Gap Y+
15251356-A-G 13139442-A-G FGC10528 Y+
17757782-T-C 15645902-T-C FGC10538 YY+
17391967-C-T 15280087-C-T FGC10537 YY+
17372204-C-T 15260324-C-T FGC10536 YY+
17188974-C-T 15077094-C-T FGC10535 YY+
16475065-G-C 14363185-G-C FGC10531 YY+
16926410-C-A 14814530-C-A FGC10534 Y+
24464849-T-C 22318702-T-C FGC10555 Y+
16786077-G-A 14674197-G-A FGC10533 YY+
2912440-A-T 3044399-A-T FGC10505 YY+
4368364-C-T 4500323-C-T FGC10509 +
21423312-T-C 19261426-T-C FGC10546 YY+
21756428-T-C 19594542-T-C FGC10547 YY+
3323714-C-T 3455673-C-T FGC10506 +
4998443-T-C 5130402-T-C FGC10511 +
21819512-C-T 19657626-C-T FGC10548 Y+
9806714-A-G 9969105-A-G FGC10522 YY+
22233554-G-T 20071668-G-T FGC10549 DYZ19 +
6188812-G-A 6320771-G-A FGC10515 IR3_Dst +
8812836-G-A 8944795-G-A FGC10520 Y+
7149089-A-G 7281048-A-G FGC10516 Y+
9949071-C-G 10111462-C-G FGC10523 Y+
3653130-T-G 3785089-T-G FGC10508 +
3609828-A-G 3741787-A-G FGC10507 +
8645562-A-G 8777521-A-G FGC10519 YY+
8892987-A-T 9024946-A-T FGC10521 Y+
6892709-AT-A 7024668-AT-A *
15295168-T-C 13183267-T-C FGC10529 Y*
15197566-G-A 13085652-G-A FGC10526 YY*
5757139-G-A 5889098-G-A FGC10514 *
5675821-G-A 5807780-G-A FGC10513 *
5209993-G-A 5341952-G-A FGC10512 *
5673879-T-TG 5805838-T-TG *
22977356-G-A 20815470-G-A FGC10551 YY*
22691872-C-T 20529986-C-T FGC10550 Y*
23709674-T-C 21547788-T-C FGC10552 *
2649737-C-A 2781696-C-A FGC10503 Y*
24422558-C-A 22276411-C-A FGC10554 Y*
4841511-T-G 4973470-T-G FGC10510 *
18885060-G-A 16773180-G-A FGC10541 YY*
19244794-A-G 17132914-A-G FGC10544 YY*
15687824-G-GA 13575944-G-GA *
19448331-C-A 17336451-C-A FGC10545 YY*
9465060-C-CT 9627451-C-CT 9×T**
5886050-T-A 6018009-T-A Z8453 **
19086494-C-A 16974614-C-A **
19547453-C-CAAAAA 17435573-C-CAAAAA 24×A**
8751076-G-GTATA 8883035-G-GTATA 10×TA**
9380712-T-A 9543103-T-A **
9380715-C-G 9543106-C-G **
22419741-A-T 20257855-A-T DYZ19 **
9380711-T-C 9543102-T-C **
22419690-G-T 20257804-G-T DYZ19 **
3112150-T-C 3244109-T-C **
13487638-T-G 11331962-T-G **
22227967-G-A 20066081-G-A DYZ19 **
22237483-C-T 20075597-C-T DYZ19 **
9938712-C-T 10101103-C-T **
22739716-C-CAAA 20577830-C-CAAA 24×A**
22430259-G-A 20268373-G-A DYZ19 **
13859764-C-G 11739058-C-G **
19086493-T-C 16974613-T-C **
18401139-C-T 16289259-C-T P6_Gap **
17164162-T-C 15052282-T-C **
6803096-G-GT 6935055-G-GT **
16296452-A-AT 14184572-A-AT 9×T**
13215844-ATTTT-A 11060168-ATTTT-A 16×T**
22338348-T-C 20176462-T-C DYZ19 ***
22309604-C-T 20147718-C-T DYZ19 ***
22247527-T-G 20085641-T-G DYZ19 ***
22309587-G-T 20147701-G-T DYZ19 ***
22309568-G-C 20147682-G-C DYZ19 ***
22251756-T-C 20089870-T-C DYZ19 ***
22251795-C-G 20089909-C-G DYZ19 ***
22251824-G-A 20089938-G-A DYZ19 ***
22309610-T-G 20147724-T-G DYZ19 ***
27337075-T-A 25190928-T-A P1_g3 ***
27337062-G-A 25190915-G-A P1_g3 ***
22232074-C-G 20070188-C-G DYZ19 ***
21376388-C-T 19214502-C-T ***
22232057-A-T 20070171-A-T DYZ19 ***
27337036-G-A 25190889-G-A P1_g3 ***
21198752-C-T 19036866-C-T ***
20950960-C-T 18789074-C-T P4_Dst ***
27337076-C-G 25190929-C-G P1_g3 ***
27337080-A-T 25190933-A-T P1_g3 ***
27337094-C-T 25190947-C-T P1_g3 ***
20950959-C-T 18789073-C-T P4_Dst ***
27370553-T-C 25224406-T-C P1_g3 ***
27398536-G-A 25252389-G-A P1_g3 ***
27499437-G-C 25353290-G-C P1_Y2 ***
20950954-T-G 18789068-T-G P4_Dst ***
20950945-G-T 18789059-G-T P4_Dst ***
20950943-C-T 18789057-C-T P4_Dst ***
20950930-G-T 18789044-G-T P4_Dst ***
27337053-G-A 25190906-G-A P1_g3 ***
27173737-C-T 25027590-C-T P1_g3 ***
27173738-A-T 25027591-A-T P1_g3 ***
22252122-A-T 20090236-A-T DYZ19 ***
22338357-G-C 20176471-G-C DYZ19 ***
22344828-T-A 20182942-T-A DYZ19 ***
22344831-T-G 20182945-T-G DYZ19 ***
22360158-T-G 20198272-T-G DYZ19 ***
22360307-T-A 20198421-T-A DYZ19 ***
22419784-C-G 20257898-C-G FGC57165 DYZ19 ***
22337355-C-A 20175469-C-A DYZ19 ***
22496287-T-A 20334401-T-A DYZ19 ***
22337348-A-T 20175462-A-T DYZ19 ***
22636975-G-A 20475089-G-A ***
22332807-G-A 20170921-G-A DYZ19 ***
22309623-C-A 20147737-C-A DYZ19 ***
22252129-G-A 20090243-G-A DYZ19 ***
24921451-G-A 22775304-G-A g1 ***
22338349-T-A 20176463-T-A DYZ19 ***
24921539-T-C 22775392-T-C g1 ***
25528767-G-A 23382620-G-A P1_gr1 ***
25802701-A-T 23656554-A-T P1_b3 ***
26010256-A-G 23864109-A-G P1_Y1 ***
22263752-C-T 20101866-C-T DYZ19 ***
26048155-G-A 23902008-G-A P1_Y1 ***
26247769-C-T 24101622-C-T P1_Y1 ***
27173698-G-T 25027551-G-T P1_g3 ***
27173702-T-A 25027555-T-A P1_g3 ***
27173710-G-A 25027563-G-A P1_g3 ***
27173726-C-A 25027579-C-A P1_g3 ***
27173736-G-T 25027589-G-T P1_g3 ***
22309616-C-T 20147730-C-T DYZ19 ***
22263758-A-C 20101872-A-C DYZ19 ***
26010258-A-G 23864111-A-G P1_Y1 ***
58883026-G-T 56707845-C-A ***
27818350-T-C 25672203-T-C P1_Y2 ***
13464430-GG-AT 11308754-GG-AT ***
13620448-T-TAAAA 11464772-T-TAAAA 14×A***
13606877-C-CAAAAAAAAAA 11451201-C-CAAAAAAAAAA 25×A***
13489328-GCA-ACG 11333652-GCA-ACG ***
13485375-ATAACA-GTATCG 11329699-ATAACA-GTATCG ***
13483917-CGTGA-ACTGT 11328241-CGTGA-ACTGT ***
13483571-CCCT-TCCTG 11327895-CCCT-TCCTG ***
13483112-TAAA-AAAT 11327436-TAAA-AAAT ***
13470744-GTACC-TAATG 11315068-GTACC-TAATG ***
13470314-AG-CA 11314638-AG-CA ***
13463864-CGGGA-TGGGG 11308188-CGGGA-TGGGG ***
17062623-CAAAG-GAAAA 14950743-CAAAG-GAAAA ***
13140106-TT-AC 10629592-TT-AC ***
9784760-AT-A 9947151-AT-A ***
8479399-C-CTTTT 8611358-C-CTTTT 18×T***
6026642-TTGTC-T 6158601-TTGTC-T ***
5886195-C-TT 6018154-C-TT ***
5776564-GA-G 5908523-GA-G 11×A***
5770338-C-CTTTTT 5902297-C-CTTTTT 25×T***
4878246-CAA-C 5010205-CAA-C 18×A***
4583052-T-TTTTA 4715011-T-TTTTA ***
15558495-TAGAT-CAGAC 13446615-TAGAT-CAGAC ***
19025583-GAT-CACCAC 16913703-GAT-CACCAC ***
3483665-CAC-TAT 3615624-CAC-TAT ***
22419808-ATTAGT-CTTTAC 20257922-ATTAGT-CTTTAC DYZ19 ***
58917663-NNNNNNNN-N ***
58910254-A-ACTCTG 56680616-A-ACAGAG ***
58910242-C-CAACA 56680628-G-GTGTT ***
58870540-T-TC 56720328-T-TG ***
28539586-TAA-T 26393439-TAA-T 19×A***
27398536-GC-AA 25252389-GC-AA P1_g3 ***
26499952-ATTTTTT-GTGTGTA 24353805-ATTTTTT-GTGTGTA P1_Y1 20×T***
26416299-G-AAAA 24270152-G-AAAA P1_Y1 20×A***
22970282-C-CAA 20808396-C-CAA 27×A***
22366697-TTT-AGG 20204811-TTT-AGG DYZ19 ***
19086493-TC-CA 16974613-TC-CA ***
22360134-TTTT-GTC 20198248-TTTT-GTC DYZ19 ***
22318642-GA-G 20156756-GA-G DYZ19 ***
22293040-CAC-TAA 20131154-CAC-TAA DYZ19 ***
22252035-CATGGT-C 20090149-CATGGT-C DYZ19 ***
22252000-GTGATG-CAGATA 20090114-GTGATG-CAGATA DYZ19 ***
22251873-ATCT-TTCA 20089987-ATCT-TTCA DYZ19 ***
20242459-CTG-C 18080573-CTG-C P5_Dst ***
19604834-AC-A 17492954-AC-A P5_Prx ***
19309422-CATAT-C 17197542-CATAT-C 19×AT***
4071991-A-AAC 4203950-A-AAC 14×AC***
21852041-C-CT 19690155-C-CT 11×T***
27902499-C-A 25756352-C-A P1_Y2 ***
28120791-G-A 25974644-G-A P1_b4 ***
28491346-G-A 26345199-G-A ***
28437138-T-A 26290991-T-A P1_gr2 ***
28133437-C-T 25987290-C-T P1_b4 ***
28133436-A-T 25987289-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133435-A-T 25987288-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133417-A-T 25987270-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133416-A-T 25987269-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133414-A-T 25987267-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133413-A-T 25987266-A-T P1_b4 ***
28133402-A-T 25987255-A-T P1_b4 ***
28113004-G-A 25966857-G-A P1_Y2 ***
58823162-C-T 56767709-G-A ***
28014410-T-A 25868263-T-A P1_Y2 ***
27906012-C-A 25759865-C-A P1_Y2 ***
20686694-C-G 18524808-C-G P4_Prx ***
27902536-C-T 25756389-C-T P1_Y2 ***
27902533-A-T 25756386-A-T P1_Y2 ***
27902520-C-T 25756373-C-T P1_Y2 ***
27902514-G-A 25756367-G-A P1_Y2 ***
27902508-C-A 25756361-C-A P1_Y2 ***
27902506-T-A 25756359-T-A P1_Y2 ***
27902505-C-A 25756358-C-A P1_Y2 ***
27902500-T-A 25756353-T-A P1_Y2 ***
58819453-C-T 56771418-G-A ***
58823192-C-T 56767679-G-A ***
13466672-CT-C 11310996-CT-C ***
58875146-A-G 56715725-T-C ***
2805552-G-AA 2937511-G-AA ***
9380711-TTTTC-CATTG 9543102-TTTTC-CATTG ***
22342627-GT-TA 20180741-GT-TA DYZ19 ***
22537291-G-AA 20375405-G-AA ***
58912503-C-G 56678368-G-C ***
58912488-C-T 56678383-G-A ***
58898973-T-C 56691898-A-G ***
58894626-A-T 56696245-T-A ***
58885068-T-C 56705803-A-G ***
58882733-C-A 56708138-G-T ***
58870598-C-T 56720273-G-A ***
58823535-C-A 56767336-G-T ***
58851758-C-A 56739113-G-T ***
58851736-T-A 56739135-A-T ***
58847938-T-C 56742933-A-G ***
58847905-G-T 56742966-C-A ***
58843754-C-T 56747117-G-A ***
58842363-C-T 56748508-G-A ***
58840410-C-T 56750461-G-A ***
58833119-A-T 56757752-T-A ***
58827634-T-A 56763237-A-T ***
58827629-G-C 56763242-C-G ***
58825375-G-C 56765496-C-G ***
20950929-A-T 18789043-A-T P4_Dst ***
18990904-A-G 16879024-A-G ***
20686688-T-A 18524802-T-A P4_Prx ***
22420108-ATTCG-CTTCA 20258222-ATTCG-CTTCA DYZ19 ***
13483502-C-CA 11327826-C-CA ***
13539360-T-C 11383684-T-C ***
13374496-A-G 11218820-A-G ***
22344851-C-T 20182965-C-T DYZ19 ***
22344838-A-T 20182952-A-T DYZ19 ***
16074807-C-T 13962927-C-T ***
16074806-A-T 13962926-A-T ***
13487635-TGCT-CGCG 11331959-TGCT-CGCG ***
58825356-G-A 56765515-C-T ***
22419782-TTCACT-CTGACC 20257896-TTCACT-CTGACC DYZ19 ***
22425479-G-A 20263593-G-A DYZ19 ***
22299774-TCTA-CCTT 20137888-TCTA-CCTT DYZ19 ***
22299750-TTT-CTC 20137864-TTT-CTC DYZ19 ***
22247198-ACTGT-GCTGC 20085312-ACTGT-GCTGC DYZ19 ***
13483708-CA-C 11328032-CA-C ***
22299808-TAA-GAG 20137922-TAA-GAG DYZ19 ***
13480641-TGC-AGG 11324965-TGC-AGG ***
22419831-A-T 20257945-A-T DYZ19 ***
22419820-C-T 20257934-C-T DYZ19 ***
13483505-CT-AG 11327829-CT-AG ***
23520037-G-C 21358151-G-C ***
22419782-T-C 20257896-T-C DYZ19 ***
17994805-G-A 15882925-G-A P7_Prx ***
13485169-T-C 11329493-T-C ***
22282129-T-C 20120243-T-C DYZ19 ***
13483560-A-G 11327884-A-G ***
13485203-C-T 11329527-C-T ***
22229746-G-GC 20067860-G-GC DYZ19 ***
13487816-G-A 11332140-G-A ***
58823078-T-A 56767793-A-T ***
22293338-TAAATT-GAAAGA 20131452-TAAATT-GAAAGA DYZ19 ***
28086215-ACCCA-CCCCC 25940068-ACCCA-CCCCC P1_Y2 ***
22309553-T-G 20147667-T-G DYZ19 ***
22421464-C-T 20259578-C-T DYZ19 ***
13740771-T-A 11585095-T-A ***
23002853-GTATA-G 20840967-GTATA-G 17×TA***
23519008-C-G 21357122-C-G ***
13389651-GTA-G 11233975-GTA-G 8×TA***
22341803-T-A 20179917-T-A DYZ19 ***
58843759-CCATTA-ACAATC 56747107-TAATGG-GATTGT ***
58843762-T-A 56747109-A-T ***
22337320-T-G 20175434-T-G DYZ19 ***
22342618-G-A 20180732-G-A DYZ19 ***
22247236-A-G 20085350-A-G DYZ19 ***
22247202-T-C 20085316-T-C DYZ19 ***
13485174-T-A 11329498-T-A ***
22309360-T-G 20147474-T-G DYZ19 ***
20574057-A-G 18412171-A-G P5_Dst ***
22360154-G-T 20198268-G-T DYZ19 ***
22309523-A-C 20147637-A-C DYZ19 ***
28700731-CTATA-C 26554584-CTATA-C 17×TA***
58844025-CA-C 56746844-AT-A ***
26508288-C-G 24362141-C-G P1_Y1 ***
22364734-G-C 20202848-G-C DYZ19 ***
22357354-A-G 20195468-A-G DYZ19 ***
13222867-G-A 11067191-G-A ***
13440731-A-C 11285055-A-C ***
27651806-GAAAG-AAAAA 25505659-GAAAG-AAAAA P1_Y2 ***
58843212-G-C 56747659-C-G ***
22232111-C-G 20070225-C-G DYZ19 ***
13222389-G-A 11066713-G-A A3340 ***
13734116-G-A 11578440-G-A ***
22504424-G-C 20342538-G-C DYZ19 ***
22236408-A-G 20074522-A-G DYZ19 ***
22232108-G-A 20070222-G-A DYZ19 ***
13730234-C-G 11574558-C-G ***
22360334-C-A 20198448-C-A DYZ19 ***
13462155-AGCC-GGCT 11306479-AGCC-GGCT ***
58831538-TTTCC-ATTCA 56759329-GGAAA-TGAAT ***
22247198-A-G 20085312-A-G DYZ19 ***
58848553-GTCATT-G 56742312-GAATGA-G ***
27575934-CTTTTTT-C 25429787-CTTTTTT-C P1_Y2 19×T***
58838389-A-C 56752482-T-G ***
22419797-A-G 20257911-A-G FGC13014FGC13043 DYZ19 ***
28761382-C-CAAA 26615235-C-CAAA 31×A***
58879732-T-A 56711139-A-T ***
58843217-T-A 56747654-A-T ***
22502691-C-G 20340805-C-G DYZ19 ***
22502688-G-A 20340802-G-A DYZ19 ***
13733946-G-A 11578270-G-A ***
22421313-T-A 20259427-T-A DYZ19 ***
58916643-G-A 56674228-C-T ***
3167207-C-A 3299166-C-A ***
58882046-CTCC-TTCA 56708822-GGAG-TGAA ***
58882027-G-C 56708844-C-G ***
58882545-T-G 56708326-A-C ***
22226532-CAAA-AAAT 20064646-CAAA-AAAT DYZ19 ***
22337346-T-A 20175460-T-A DYZ19 ***
26499952-A-G 24353805-A-G P1_Y1 20×T***
22342609-C-A 20180723-C-A DYZ19 ***
13485166-G-T 11329490-G-T ***
20686687-T-A 18524801-T-A P4_Prx ***
13725211-G-A 11569535-G-A ***
17994803-G-A 15882923-G-A P7_Prx ***
17225316-T-C 15113436-T-C ***
15639686-G-A 13527806-G-A ***
15248045-G-A 13136131-G-A ***
14491221-G-C ***
14473246-G-A 12352515-G-A ***
14111046-A-G 11990340-A-G ***
13979495-T-C 11858789-T-C ***
13728263-T-A 11572587-T-A ***
13725205-C-T 11569529-C-T ***
13470748-C-G 11315072-C-G ***
13487740-C-A 11332064-C-A ***
13483987-C-T 11328311-C-T A20600 ***
13483558-A-C 11327882-A-C ***
13483557-T-G 11327881-T-G ***
13483556-T-A 11327880-T-A ***
13483551-C-G 11327875-C-G ***
13483536-G-C 11327860-G-C ***
13483089-C-T 11327413-C-T FGC46952 ***
13483086-A-C 11327410-A-C ***
18504739-T-A 16392859-T-A P6_Dst ***
19542055-A-G 17430175-A-G ***
13470764-C-G 11315088-C-G ***
19626153-C-T 17514273-C-T P5_Prx ***
20594290-T-A 18432404-T-A P5_Dst ***
20594269-T-A 18432383-T-A P5_Dst ***
20574143-G-A 18412257-G-A P5_Dst ***
20021890-A-T 17910010-A-T P5_Prx ***
20021885-T-A 17910005-T-A P5_Prx ***
20021867-T-A 17909987-T-A P5_Prx ***
20021848-C-A 17909968-C-A P5_Prx ***
19813143-A-G 17701263-A-G P5_Prx ***
19671224-C-A 17559344-C-A P5_Prx ***
19626138-G-A 17514258-G-A P5_Prx ***
19625982-C-T 17514102-C-T P5_Prx ***
19626127-G-C 17514247-G-C P5_Prx ***
19626124-G-A 17514244-G-A P5_Prx ***
19626093-G-A 17514213-G-A P5_Prx ***
19626089-C-G 17514209-C-G P5_Prx ***
19626020-T-A 17514140-T-A P5_Prx ***
19626016-A-G 17514136-A-G P5_Prx ***
19626006-T-C 17514126-T-C P5_Prx ***
19625993-T-C 17514113-T-C P5_Prx ***
19625986-C-T 17514106-C-T P5_Prx ***
13482773-G-A 11327097-G-A ***
13470758-G-T 11315082-G-T ***
22342627-G-T 20180741-G-T DYZ19 ***
6165714-C-A 6297673-C-A IR3_Dst ***
9302453-G-A 9464844-G-A ***
8353311-G-T 8485270-G-T ***
8065741-C-T 8197700-C-T ***
6724675-A-T 6856634-A-T ***
6380440-G-T 6512399-G-T ***
6380407-A-T 6512366-A-T ***
6380402-C-A 6512361-C-A ***
6380401-G-A 6512360-G-A ***
6165718-T-A 6297677-T-A IR3_Dst ***
6165709-G-A 6297668-G-A IR3_Dst ***
9702657-G-A 9865048-G-A IR3_Prx ***
4063686-C-T 4195645-C-T ***
3952718-A-T 4084677-A-T ***
22353013-G-T 20191127-G-T DYZ19 ***
13466676-A-T 11311000-A-T ***
22252180-G-A 20090294-G-A DYZ19 ***
13464268-A-G 11308592-A-G ***
58848790-A-T 56742081-T-A ***
15248059-C-T 13136145-C-T ***
22342628-T-A 20180742-T-A DYZ19 ***
9342984-G-A 9505375-G-A ***
9702661-A-T 9865052-A-T IR3_Prx ***
13470747-C-T 11315071-C-T ***
10092501-G-A 10254892-G-A ***
13470330-T-C 11314654-T-C ***
13463799-C-T 11308123-C-T ***
13351809-T-A 11196133-T-A ***
13334838-C-T 11179162-C-T ***
13334822-G-A 11179146-G-A ***
13223600-G-A 11067924-G-A ***
13222860-G-T 11067184-G-T ***
13222839-G-A 11067163-G-A ***
13222820-G-A 11067144-G-A ***
10092497-T-G 10254888-T-G ***
9722742-T-A 9885133-T-A IR3_Prx ***
10092494-A-G 10254885-A-G ***
10092491-G-A 10254882-G-A ***
10092484-G-A 10254875-G-A ***
10092479-G-A 10254870-G-A ***
10092467-A-T 10254858-A-T ***
10092458-A-G 10254849-A-G ***
10092415-G-T 10254806-G-T ***
10092021-C-T 10254412-C-T ***
10025440-A-G 10187831-A-G ***
9802904-G-T 9965295-G-T ***

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.

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