Tree Position

R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > Z39589 > L1335/S530 > L1065 > Z16325 > S744 > S764 > 18381513-G-A > 17278989-T-G > A14498

Unique Mutations

The mutations unique to this man are summarized in the table below. Those with a '+' or '*' confidence level are considered by FamilyTreeDNA or FullGenomesCorp to be high quality SNPs/INDELs. For completeness, all other mutations of lesser confidence are included as well. These additional mutations may be useful for distinguishing between very closely related men.

Occasionally, some of the mutations listed here will be thought to be shared with other men in which case they might appear in upstream blocks on the tree. When this happens, the 'Blocks' field will indicate what block they appear in. Such a situation might arise with BigY men if the BED data suggests another man may be positive for a SNP, even though it doesn't appear in his VCF data. It might also happen if Chromo2 testing or Sanger sequencing of other men not on the tree show the SNP to be shared.

POS-REF-ALT (hg19) POS-REF-ALT (hg38) Blocks Names Region McDonald BED combBED STRBigY2
25888890-A-G 23742743-A-G P1_Y1 A*
28817435-A-G 26671288-A-G A*
6320961-A-T 6452920-A-T ZS2995 IR3_Dst A*
6325051-C-T 6457010-C-T IR3_Dst A*
16116284-T-C 14004404-T-C P8_Prx A*
18315965-G-A 16204085-G-A P6_Prx A*
19782963-A-G 17671083-A-G BY1591 P5_Prx A*
19893186-A-G 17781306-A-G BY1618 P5_Prx A*
19922136-T-G 17810256-T-G BY1626 P5_Prx A*
20677960-T-C 18516074-T-C BY1679 P4_Prx A*
25994454-C-T 23848307-C-T P1_Y1 A*
26080193-G-A 23934046-G-A P1_Y1 A*
26063747-A-G 23917600-A-G P1_Y1 A*
26067517-A-G 23921370-A-G P1_Y1 A*
26114906-A-G 23968759-A-G P1_Y1 A*
28817136-G-A 26670989-G-A A*
25983781-C-T 23837634-C-T BY2426 P1_Y1 A*
23714782-G-T 21552896-G-T SUR66 A*
26350200-T-G 24204053-T-G P1_Y1 A*
19865466-G-GT 17753586-G-GT P5_Prx A*
19932400-C-T 17820520-C-T P5_Prx A*
20041221-G-A 17929341-G-A P5_Prx A*
20774539-A-G 18612653-A-G P4_Prx A*
16121606-G-A 14009726-G-A Z18268 P8_Prx A*
28817196-G-C 26671049-G-C A*
26329573-G-A 24183426-G-A P1_Y1 A*
19790628-A-G 17678748-A-G P5_Prx A*
22314247-T-G 20152361-T-G DYZ19 A*
26223714-A-T 24077567-A-T P1_Y1 A*
28817850-T-A 26671703-T-A A*
28817874-G-T 26671727-G-T A*
28817615-A-T 26671468-A-T A*
19573693-A-G 17461813-A-G ZS1823 P5_Prx YA*
6184013-T-G 6315972-T-G IR3_Dst A*
6151530-G-A 6283489-G-A IR3_Dst A*
19836014-G-A 17724134-G-A P5_Prx A*
6361637-A-G 6493596-A-G BY40446 A*
24285378-G-A 22139231-G-A BY2235 Z38739 P3_t1 A*
20632676-C-T 18470790-C-T E912 P4_Prx A*
20706684-G-T 18544798-G-T E763 P4_Prx A*
28817738-T-G 26671591-T-G A*
20724484-G-A 18562598-G-A Z16738 P4_Prx A*
22256982-T-G 20095096-T-G BY1881 DYZ19 A*
19617659-C-A 17505779-C-A P5_Prx YA*
24254847-T-G 22108700-T-G P3_b1 A*
23886613-T-C 21724727-T-C Y112469 YA*
23886605-G-C 21724719-G-C Y112468 YA*
25883481-A-G 23737334-A-G P1_Y1 A*
24278853-G-C 22132706-G-C E730 P3_t1 A*
24287968-G-A 22141821-G-A BY2236 A15814 P3_t1 A*
6206985-A-G 6338944-A-G BY86 ZS1572 IR3_Dst A*
6387672-G-C 6519631-G-C A*
25556066-T-G 23409919-T-G P1_gr1 A*
26035145-T-C 23888998-T-C P1_Y1 A*
26151433-A-G 24005286-A-G P1_Y1 A*
26227330-G-A 24081183-G-A P1_Y1 A*
23232103-G-T 21070217-G-T Y111014 YA*
19758823-C-T 17646943-C-T P5_Prx A*
20678187-C-T 18516301-C-T ZS4043 P4_Prx A*
18314941-C-A 16203061-C-A Z24322 P6_Prx A*
6106629-T-G 6238588-T-G BY16700 A*
22220543-C-T 20058657-C-T DYZ19 A*
6106896-C-T 6238855-C-T A16709 A*
6107138-A-G 6239097-A-G A*
28816761-T-C 26670614-T-C A*
26242875-A-G 24096728-A-G FGC35722 P1_Y1 A*
22470209-A-G 20308323-A-G PF4932 DYZ19 A*
22294691-G-A 20132805-G-A FGC31633 BY1947 DYZ19 A*
28817542-T-C 26671395-T-C A*
20647539-G-T 18485653-G-T A202 ZS2500 P4_Prx A*
19920004-G-A 17808124-G-A E766 P5_Prx A*
20661846-C-G 18499960-C-G ZS5828 P4_Prx A*
18345615-G-T 16233735-G-T Z18430 P6_Prx A*
6171969-T-C 6303928-T-C IR3_Dst A*
6254592-G-A 6386551-G-A IR3_Dst A*
19795881-C-T 17684001-C-T P5_Prx A*
4968655-T-G 5100614-T-G FGC283 A*
19616979-G-T 17505099-G-T BY1564 P5_Prx YA*
19829153-G-A 17717273-G-A ZS4558 P5_Prx A*
18300737-C-T 16188857-C-T P6_Prx A*
19834589-G-T 17722709-G-T ZS3710 P5_Prx A*
20709307-A-G 18547421-A-G BY1683 P4_Prx A*
26271608-A-C 24125461-A-C Y2279_1 P1_Y1 A*
26230223-T-G 24084076-T-G BY25081 P1_Y1 A*
26216339-T-C 24070192-T-C A14887 P1_Y1 A*
26130618-G-A 23984471-G-A BY2449 P1_Y1 A*
28816646-A-T 26670499-A-T A*
13687302-G-A 11531626-G-A A*
22476651-A-C 20314765-A-C BY26567 DYZ19 A*
19648849-C-T 17536969-C-T P5_Prx A*
15714149-A-G 13602269-A-G Y94532 YY+
19070676-G-T 16958796-G-T YY*+
23444765-T-A 21282879-T-A YY*+
10046063-G-A 10208454-G-A +
7190024-A-G 7321983-A-G PF4950 CTS1085 YY+
22157311-A-C 19995425-A-C YY*
15080010-C-. 12968100-T-C +
19812910-C-T 17701030-C-T P5_Prx +
21929487-A-T 19767601-A-T Y107921 YY+
7680253-C-G 7812212-C-G PF4953 YY*
19220113-C-A 17108233-C-A CTS10036 YY*
21258787-T-C 19096901-T-C PF4982 YY*
20836109-A-G 18674223-A-G PF5105 P4_Gap *
20816211-G-C 18654325-G-C PF5104 P4_Gap *
10038100-G-A 10200491-G-A FGC1604 Z7814 *
8465758-C-G 8597717-C-G F1227 YY*
6737522-T-TA 6869481-T-TA Y2314 8×A*
19283232-A-T 17171352-A-T CTS10134 PF4980 YY*
8034983-G-GA 8166942-G-GA Y2288 9×A*
8992300-A-AT 9154691-A-AT Y2319 *
19069070-G-A 16957190-G-A CTS9781 PF4978 YY*
19181063-T-A 17069183-T-A J2F4283 PF4922 Y*
8474549-T-A 8606508-T-A PF4958 F4106 YY*
15642277-A-AG 13530397-A-AG 8×G*
19038302-A-C 16926422-A-C P124 PF3553 YY*
18978214-C-G 16866334-C-G J2F4272 PF4920 YY*
18772238-T-G 16660358-T-G F4266 PF4918 YY*
8420738-G-C 8552697-G-C PF4957 F1183 YY*
18615144-C-A 16503264-C-A F4259 PF4976 YY*
18090737-G-GA 15978857-G-GA FGC47883Y2338 8×A*
21126140-T-TATC 18964254-T-TATC *
16261215-A-G 14149335-A-G J2PF4910 F2113 YY*
21292707-A-T 19130821-A-T PF4925 YY*
8988909-C-T 9151300-C-T PF4900 Y*
18391106-T-A 16279226-T-A F2749 PF4574 YSC0001310 P6_Gap *
23273016-G-A 21111130-G-A YSC0001251 PF4621 CTS11787 YY*
23088142-T-C 20926256-T-C YSC0000236 PF4616 L778 YY*
23163701-C-A 21001815-C-A PF4617 CTS11571 Y*
23250894-C-T 21089008-C-T YSC0001250 PF4618 CTS11750 YY*
23251880-A-C 21089994-A-C YSC0000239 PF4619 YY*
27849172-CTTGT-C 25703025-CTTGT-C P1_Y2 *
24418922-T-A 22272775-T-A Y112799 Y*
23255729-A-T 21093843-A-T PF4620 CTS11765 YY*
8738272-C-T 8870231-C-T PF4898 YY*
23748578-A-G 21586692-A-G F4334 PF4990 Y*
23538307-C-G 21376421-C-G PF4622 YY*
23496991-CTA-C 21335105-CTA-C *
21674327-A-G 19512441-A-G L559 PF4986 YY*
23484915-G-GCTCT 21323029-G-GCTCT *
23422150-G-C 21260264-G-C CTS12015 YY*
23421475-G-A 21259589-G-A CTS12014 YY*
23301413-T-TC 21139527-T-TC *
22711465-T-C 20549579-T-C L212 PF4988 YY*
22687035-A-G 20525149-A-G F3343 PF4933 YY*
22287805-AT-A 20125919-AT-A DYZ19 *
21970721-G-T 19808835-G-T L505 PF4987 YY*
23443976-A-G 21282090-A-G YSC0001253 CTS12047 YY*
24426007-C-T 22279860-C-T PF3568 F3629 Y*
19305394-G-A 17193514-G-A BY11781SK646 Y12712 YY*
13204459-G-T 11048783-G-T PF4527 *
7676739-C-T 7808698-C-T PF4952 YY*
16310787-T-G 14198907-T-G PF4968 CTS5482 YY*
17030339-A-AAC 14918459-A-AAC *
16991073-GTT-G 14879193-GTT-G 13×T*
15203000-C-G 13091086-C-G PF4963 CTS3816 YY*
16739675-C-T 14627795-C-T FGC2795 Z7760 YY*
16542685-C-G 14430805-C-G PF4913 CTS5904 YY*
16518740-G-A 14406860-G-A PF4969 CTS5867 YY*
16459438-G-A 14347558-G-A J2PF4912 CTS5728 YY*
7234782-C-T 7366741-C-T CTS1146 YY*
7240092-G-GC 7372051-G-GC *
7813674-G-A 7945633-G-A Z7755 YY*
7850169-G-A 7982128-G-A M4232 YY*
15998551-A-C 13886671-A-C CTS5066 YY*
15704139-C-T 13592259-C-T PF4966 CTS4540 YY*
15632637-G-T 13520757-G-T PF5096 CTS4403 YY*
15610713-G-T 13498833-G-T PF4965 CTS4360 YY*
7813673-T-A 7945632-T-A PF4954 YY*
15501988-G-GT 13390108-G-GT Y2289 *
15468045-T-G 13356165-T-G PF4964 CTS4195 YY*
15317764-A-T 13205870-A-T Y12710 YY*
7432989-A-G 7564948-A-G F4074 Y*
7771358-C-T 7903317-C-T J2S321 PF4895 L228 F4087 YY*
7839500-T-A 7971459-T-A PF4955 YY*
17032059-G-T 14920179-G-T F4221 YY*
8351025-G-A 8482984-G-A PF4897 F4095 YY*
28531624-A-G 26385477-A-G Y113114 Y*
18018684-C-G 15906804-C-G F2672 PF4975 Y*
17904970-C-T 15793090-C-T CTS8264 PF4974 YY*
17614366-G-A 15502486-G-A CTS7683 PF5100 P354 YY*
8028804-A-AT 8160763-A-AT *
13684562-C-T 11528886-C-T FGC2790 Y29592 *
2736889-T-C 2868848-T-C CTS113 PF4884 YY*
2751678-A-G 2883637-A-G M410 PF4941 YY*
13695869-C-T 11540193-C-T PF4904 *
13832032-G-T 11711326-G-T PF4905 *
17191877-C-A 15079997-C-A F2418 PF4972 YY*
13843938-T-A 11723232-T-A BY26338 *
7158459-A-G 7290418-A-G PF4949 CTS1030 YY*
14106407-G-A 11985701-G-A FGC2793 Z7759 YY*
6388343-A-C 6520302-A-C FGC21990 SUR9 *
17042047-C-T 14930167-C-T CTS6660 PF4971 YY*
8017527-A-AATAG 8149486-A-AATAG *
6644611-T-C 6776570-T-C FGC3272 YY*
14244185-G-GA 12123479-G-GA 10×A*
6824785-G-A 6956744-G-A PF4892 CTS523 YY*
6854256-C-T 6986215-C-T PF4948 F841 YY*
6864895-G-C 6996854-G-C CTS585 YY*
7068942-G-A 7200901-G-A PF4893 CTS886 YY*
6363373-TC-T 6495332-TC-T *
21541669-T-C 19379783-T-C PF4985 YY*
24413251-T-C 22267104-T-C Y112787 Y*
2882004-G-A 3013963-G-A Y81692 YY*
17575022-T-C 15463142-T-C Y99585 YY*
17674241-A-G 15562361-A-G Y99894 YY*
4900990-A-G 5032949-A-G *
17942135-G-A 15830255-G-A Y100717 YY*
4408708-G-A 4540667-G-A Y81987 *
18062662-GT-G 15950782-GT-G *
18144098-A-G 16032218-A-G Y101436 YY*
18204828-T-A 16092948-T-A Y101629 YY*
18209987-C-A 16098107-C-A BZ2156 YY*
18223532-G-T 16111652-G-T Y101699 Y*
18571782-G-T 16459902-G-T YY*
3366884-T-C 3498843-T-C *
18700633-T-C 16588753-T-C Y102461 YY*
3060895-GT-G 3192854-GT-G 10×T*
2827223-A-T 2959182-A-T Y81559 YY*
17437897-A-G 15326017-A-G Y99147 YY*
18843248-A-C 16731368-A-C Z38471 YY*
19279949-C-T 17168069-C-T Y104252 YY*
19287789-T-G 17175909-T-G Y104281 YY*
16641872-CATATATAT-C 14529992-CATATATAT-C 12×AT*
19365067-T-A 17253187-T-A Y104516 YY*
26925-G-T *
17406449-G-GA 15294569-G-GA 8×A*
2668456-T-C 2800415-T-C YY*
20063195-T-C 17951315-T-C P5_Gap *
21158896-C-T 18997010-C-T Y105574 YY*
21303832-TCTC-T 19141946-TCTC-T *
21372529-T-C 19210643-T-C Y106275 YY*
21768103-CTTATT-C 19606217-CTTATT-C *
17506580-G-A 15394700-G-A Z43525 YY*
17198172-G-A 15086292-G-A S19344 YY*
21825703-C-A 19663817-C-A Y107615 YY*
8818259-C-T 8950218-C-T Y88087 YY*
13479419-C-A 11323743-C-A *
14061028-C-T 11940322-C-T Y90186 YY*
14174313-G-T 12053607-G-T S15572 YY*
14308570-A-G 12187864-A-G Y91010 YY*
14374745-G-T 12254041-G-T Y91233 YY*
14750010-T-C 12638079-T-C Y92095 YY*
9758599-T-G 9920990-T-G Y89132 Y*
14998767-C-T 12886852-C-T Y92744 YY*
15020309-A-C 12908398-A-C Y12369 Z28492 YY*
15152250-G-C 13040337-G-C Y93140 YY*
15273961-A-G 13162050-A-G Y93422 YY*
9395103-C-T 9557494-C-T Y88902 YY*
8896229-T-C 9028188-T-C Y88317 Y*
8789365-G-T 8921324-G-T Y88007 YY*
16912390-T-C 14800510-T-C S18969 YY*
7151236-C-T 7283195-C-T Y83464 YY*
16713590-A-G 14601710-A-G Y12608 Z28506 YY*
16562341-T-C 14450461-T-C Y96694 YY*
16495217-T-C 14383337-T-C Y96507 YY*
6892906-A-G 7024865-A-G Y82801 YY*
6932032-G-A 7063991-G-A Y82924 YY*
7011944-A-G 7143903-A-G Y83138 YY*
16301002-GAAA-G 14189122-GAAA-G 18×A*
8473471-C-T 8605430-C-T Y86997 YY*
7427219-C-CATATA 7559178-C-CATATA *
7458198-A-G 7590157-A-G Z28447 IR1_L *
15786275-A-T 13674395-A-T Y12410 YY*
7773258-T-A 7905217-T-A Y12368 YY*
15766330-A-T 13654450-A-T Y94714 YY*
8209989-A-C 8341948-A-C Y86125 YY*
21797127-T-G 19635241-T-G Y107510 YY*
21974500-C-T 19812614-C-T Y108022 YY*
2888689-A-G 3020648-A-G FGC12729 Z17920 YY*
15783184-G-A 13671304-G-A Z6049 S17591 YY*
22457748-C-G 20295862-C-G Z29419 DYZ19 *
22302205-G-A 20140319-G-A Z7741 DYZ19 *
22184959-C-T 20023073-C-T S24092 YY*
21951018-T-C 19789132-T-C Z29418 S23761 YY*
22909101-C-T 20747215-C-T YSC0001317 PF3566 F3368 YY*
20810734-C-A 18648848-C-A Y12709 P4_Gap *
19535329-C-T 17423449-C-T Y105075 YY*
19171219-A-T 17059339-A-T Y12708 Z28440 Y*
23742788-G-A 21580902-G-A Y112199 *
18620175-C-T 16508295-C-T Z29416 SK1322 S21087 YY*
17495914-G-A 15384034-G-A F2502 PF4564 YY*
17368140-C-T 15256260-C-T Y12609 Z29415 YY*
17195380-C-A 15083500-C-A Y12371 Z28480 YY*
16270041-G-T 14158161-G-T S18075 YY*
15632863-T-C 13520983-T-C Z6048 YY*
22563247-T-C 20401361-T-C Y12412 Z28495 YY*
15314086-C-A 13202191-C-A Y12409 Z28463 YY*
15093231-C-G 12981319-C-G Z6047 YY*
13842823-G-T 11722117-G-T BY26337 *
23966451-G-T 21820304-G-T Y112513 Y*
13455712-T-G 11300036-T-G FGC22229 *
13254909-A-G 11099233-A-G BY946 *
9480296-G-T 9642687-G-T F1559 *
8809001-T-C 8940960-T-C PF5091 YY*
8795954-C-A 8927913-C-A Y12408 YY*
8417425-T-G 8549384-T-G PF4956 F4100 YY*
8029507-A-G 8161466-A-G Y12407 YY*
7835657-G-A 7967616-G-A Y12707 YY*
7557733-C-A 7689692-C-A S10343 YY*
6932998-T-C 7064957-T-C S9634 YY*
22469435-C-A 20307549-C-A Z7743 DYZ19 *
23033706-C-T 20871820-C-T PF5112 CTS11251 YY*
21984356-G-C 19822470-G-C Y108058 YY*
12707114-T-TTTTG *
22003743-A-G 19841857-A-G Y108114 YY*
13723147-G-A 11567471-G-A *
22419710-A-G 20257824-A-G FGC61616 DYZ19 *
22487919-G-T 20326033-G-T BY26580 DYZ19 *
22958276-G-T 20796390-G-T Y110222 YY*
13151440-GTAAATT-G *
15172515-C-. 13060601-G-C *
15111148-G-. 12999235-C-G *
15078469-C-. 12966559-G-C *
15037433-C-. 12925521-G-C *
15026424-A-. 12914512-C-A *
14898094-A-. 12786160-G-A *
14864191-T-. 12752257-C-T *
14829196-C-. 12717263-T-C *
14641193-C-. 12529262-T-C *
23584076-C-T 21422190-C-T Y12372 Z29420 YY*
23059418-C-G 20897532-C-G Y110468 YY*
28785890-G-T 26639743-G-T Z6054 *
13697583-G-A 11541907-G-A FGC58439 *
23533112-C-T 21371226-C-T Y111793 YY*
22562563-CAAATAAAT-C 20400677-CAAATAAAT-C BY3569 9×AAAT*
14286352-T-TA 12165646-T-TA 11×A*
22440877-T-G 20278991-T-G DYZ19 *
6250465-A-C 6382424-A-C FGC45430 IR3_Dst *
14637352-T-. 12525421-C-T *
23181734-G-A 21019848-G-A FGC50134 Y*
23033002-A-G 20871116-A-G Y110380 YY*
14416216-G-. 12295513-A-G *
14433100-G-. 12312373-A-G *
14522828-G-. 12411029-A-G *
14556851-C-. 12445052-T-C *
17676-T-C *
23069523-A-G 20907637-A-G FGC1572 F3402 S2 YY*
22866703-C-G 20704817-C-G YY*
23403749-A-G 21241863-A-G YY*
22739367-C-T 20577481-C-T YY*
22750583-A-C 20588697-A-C YY*
22796697-C-T 20634811-C-T CTS10834 YY*
22889018-A-G 20727132-A-G YY*
23035132-A-G 20873246-A-G YY*
23124367-T-G 20962481-T-G CTS11468 FGC49 YY*
23134896-T-C 20973010-T-C PF6079 YSC0000237 YY*
23452965-C-T 21291079-C-T YY*
22687547-T-A 20525661-T-A CTS10663 YY*
23476936-T-G 21315050-T-G YY*
23631629-A-C 21469743-A-C YY*
23811761-G-T 21649875-G-T Y*
23845409-C-T 21683523-C-T Y*
23984056-A-G 21837909-A-G Y*
24360964-A-G 22214817-A-G FGC200 *
24394612-A-G 22248465-A-G Y*
22733758-G-C 20571872-G-C YY*
22486700-T-G 20324814-T-G Z8156 KMS453 DYZ19 *
28771116-G-C 26624969-G-C CTS12972 FGC52 *
21312064-A-C 19150178-A-C YY*
20811307-A-G 18649421-A-G P4_Gap *
20828795-A-G 18666909-A-G P4_Gap *
20838224-G-A 18676338-G-A P4_Gap *
21166358-G-T 19004472-G-T PF6142 YY*
21219443-G-A 19057557-G-A YY*
21222868-G-C 19060982-G-C YY*
21263029-A-G 19101143-A-G YY*
21358553-A-G 19196667-A-G YY*
22478922-C-T 20317036-C-T DYZ19 *
21410840-T-G 19248954-T-G YY*
21558298-T-G 19396412-T-G YY*
7647357-A-G 7779316-A-G YY*
21784286-A-G 19622400-A-G YY*
21843090-G-C 19681204-G-C YY*
21917832-C-T 19755946-C-T YY*
21983827-T-C 19821941-T-C YY*
21995972-A-T 19834086-A-T YY*
7220727-G-A 7352686-G-A YY*
8498913-G-GT 8630872-G-GT *
19291359-C-T 17179479-C-T V3993 YY*
8845380-T-C 8977339-T-C YY*
9065725-G-GCTAACA 9228116-G-GCTAACA *
9098922-T-C 9261313-T-C Y*
9171956-A-T 9334347-A-T Y*
9841700-C-G 10004091-C-G YY*
13703571-AGAATG-A 11547895-AGAATG-A 8×GAATG*
14117810-T-C 11997104-T-C YY*
8685083-G-A 8817042-G-A YY*
15480547-G-C 13368667-G-C V2974 YY*
15648415-T-C 13536535-T-C CTS4437 YY*
15944828-C-G 13832948-C-G YY*
16222561-T-C 14110681-T-C YSC0000186 YY*
16331558-A-G 14219678-A-G YY*
16497020-C-T 14385140-C-T YY*
8696594-A-G 8828553-A-G YY*
8619538-A-G 8751497-A-G PF303 br1 YY*
7177189-A-G 7309148-A-G YY*
6630931-G-A 6762890-G-A YY*
17392632-AT-A 15280752-AT-A 8×T*
15594523-G-A 13482643-G-A V3064 YY*
6912992-G-T 7044951-G-T CTS623 FGC37 YY*
18720028-T-C 16608148-T-C YY*
2686727-A-G 2818686-A-G YY*
2817429-G-C 2949388-G-C CTS216 YY*
6670461-G-T 6802420-G-T YY*
8334875-G-A 8466834-G-A YY*
6931040-G-C 7062999-G-C CTS655 YY*
7459474-A-G 7591433-A-G CTS1518 IR1_L *
7549445-A-T 7681404-A-T V1195 YY*
7628900-A-G 7760859-A-G YY*
7714986-G-T 7846945-G-T YY*
7848043-G-C 7980002-G-C YSC0000279 YY*
8257661-G-A 8389620-G-A YY*
8326618-T-C 8458577-T-C V1809 YY*
19504659-A-T 17392779-A-T V4199 YY*
7671535-T-C 7803494-T-C V1356 YY*
16713287-A-G 14601407-A-G YY*
17285993-T-C 15174113-T-C YY*
16944053-C-T 14832173-C-T YY*
17013730-A-G 14901850-A-G YSC0000194 YY*
17132580-T-C 15020700-T-C YY*
13693812-T-C 11538136-T-C Z8151 KMS121 *
13657777-C-T 11502101-C-T L777 YSC0000248 *
13656660-A-G 11500984-A-G *
17281258-G-T 15169378-G-T E101 YY*
10038192-A-G 10200583-A-G A702 Z8137 *
16856357-C-T 14744477-C-T YY*
17301401-A-G 15189521-A-G CTS7122 YY*
17461478-C-T 15349598-C-T CTS7400 FGC33 YY*
17589518-T-C 15477638-T-C CTS7650 FGC44 S1164 YY*
9852981-G-A 10015372-G-A A619 YY***
9788914-G-T 9951305-G-T FGC196 Y*
9392948-T-C 9555339-T-C Y*
9170545-A-C 9332936-A-C Y*
16939406-C-A 14827526-C-A YY*
16773870-G-A 14661990-G-A YY*
17844018-C-T 15732138-C-T YY*
14317555-A-G 12196849-A-G YY*
15590342-T-G 13478462-T-G YY*
15581983-G-A 13470103-G-A YY*
15510064-G-T 13398184-G-T V2997 YY*
15667208-C-G 13555328-C-G YSC0000179 FGC1168 SK2006 Y*
16183412-A-C 14071532-A-C Y*
16376495-C-A 14264615-C-A CTS5577 FGC38 YY*
14750668-C-A 12638737-C-A V2573 YY*
14205302-A-C 12084596-A-C YY*
16751825-A-G 14639945-A-G YY*
14116584-A-T 11995878-A-T YSC0000166 YY*
16491135-T-C 14379255-T-C CTS5815 PF6044 Y*
16615413-T-G 14503533-T-G YY*
13822833-T-G 11702127-T-G FGC36 E159 *
16629782-C-T 14517902-C-T YY*
16718720-T-C 14606840-T-C YY*
13807475-A-C 11686769-A-C FGC189 *
16742224-G-A 14630344-G-A YY*
17594966-G-C 15483086-G-C CTS7659 FGC50 YY*
17986687-A-C 15874807-A-C YSC0000269 Y*
19179606-C-A 17067726-C-A V3867 Y*
7900883-A-C 8032842-A-C FGC41 SK2062 Z8135 V1501 E117 YY*
7948701-T-G 8080660-T-G V1532 YY*
18180446-A-C 16068566-A-C YY*
18248698-G-A 16136818-G-A Y*
18394634-C-T 16282754-C-T P6_Gap *
18719565-C-T 16607685-C-T YY*
18865298-T-C 16753418-T-C YY*
18907236-C-A 16795356-C-A YY*
7891188-C-T 8023147-C-T YY*
7960019-A-G 8091978-A-G YY*
18914441-T-C 16802561-T-C YY*
7854412-G-A 7986371-G-A V1478 YY*
19045552-T-C 16933672-T-C YSC0000207 YY*
7771131-A-G 7903090-A-G YY*
19054889-T-C 16943009-T-C V3721 YY*
19179540-A-G 17067660-A-G V3866 Y*
7762947-C-T 7894906-C-T YY*
22785217-G-A 20623331-G-A YSC0001316 PF4611 F3358 YY*
8050994-C-G 8182953-C-G YY*
9084870-T-G 9247261-T-G YSC0000082 Y*
8633545-C-T 8765504-C-T YY*
18017528-T-G 15905648-T-G FGC197 SK2005 Y*
18026855-A-G 15914975-A-G Y*
8881927-G-GGT 9013886-G-GGT *
18066156-T-C 15954276-T-C YY*
8722476-T-A 8854435-T-A YY*
8676330-A-G 8808289-A-G YY*
8667179-G-A 8799138-G-A YY*
8439542-A-G 8571501-A-G V1980 YY*
18167403-T-C 16055523-T-C YY*
18095336-C-A 15983456-C-A CTS8591 FGC64 YY*
18109555-A-C 15997675-A-C YY*
8416058-A-C 8548017-A-C YY*
18117193-T-C 16005313-T-C YY*
18137831-C-T 16025951-C-T CTS8665 FGC464 YY*
8194310-A-C 8326269-A-C V1699 YY*
8149348-G-A 8281307-G-A YY*
8070532-A-T 8202491-A-T YY*
16535034-G-A 14423154-G-A CTS5884 YY*
17881230-C-G 15769350-C-G YY*
16769601-C-CT 14657721-C-CT *
21144433-T-A 18982547-T-A F4300 YY*
21225770-C-G 19063884-C-G P126 FGC1566 YY*
14171812-T-G 12051106-T-G CTS2071 YY*
14264859-G-A 12144153-G-A YSC0001303 S4968 F1744 YY*
14330570-A-T 12209864-A-T YY*
14476551-T-A 12355820-T-A PF4538 CTS2769 YY*
14705645-G-A 12593711-G-A F1826 YY*
21144432-C-A 18982546-C-A S22619 Z7820 YY*
14084606-G-T 11963900-G-T YSC0000165 PF4535 YY*
21144431-T-A 18982545-T-A PF4589 F4299 YY*
14850935-C-G 12739001-C-G PF4539 L134 YY*
21097847-C-T 18935961-C-T PF4588 F3119 YY*
21040853-A-C 18878967-A-C F3102 Y*
20837553-T-C 18675667-T-C P4_Gap *
15278569-G-A 13166658-G-A PF4544 CTS3938 YY*
14144593-A-G 12023887-A-G PF3536 P129 YY*
14031334-T-A 11910628-T-A IJPF3535 P125 M429 YY*
19360192-C-T 17248312-C-T V4038 YY*
8679843-T-G 8811802-T-G YY*
8308114-G-A 8440073-G-A JPF4515 YY*
8393499-G-A 8525458-G-A YSC0001296 PF4516 F1167 YY*
8393849-G-A 8525808-G-A PF4517 F1168 YY*
8418927-G-C 8550886-G-C PF4518 F1181 S35 YY*
8558969-A-T 8690928-A-T PF3525 P130 S22 YY*
8590752-C-T 8722711-C-T PF3526 P127 YY*
8687145-G-T 8819104-G-T PF4520 F1381 YY*
13676377-G-T 11520701-G-T FGC1574 *
8888300-G-A 9020259-G-A YSC0001300 FGC1583 F1450 Y*
8906357-C-T 9038316-C-T F1460 *
9815201-T-C 9977592-T-C PF4521 YY*
17605948-A-C 15494068-A-C YSC0000197 PF4567 YY*
9872486-C-T 10034877-C-T F1633 YY*
9872488-T-C 10034879-T-C YSC0001302 PF4523 F1634 YY*
19508788-G-A 17396908-G-A YSC0001313 PF4587 F3074 YY*
2887824-A-C 3019783-A-C YY*
7922133-G-A 8054092-G-A Y1866 FGC1587 YY*
18257026-G-A 16145146-G-A YSC0001309 F2746 *
16803249-A-C 14691369-A-C YSC0001306 PF4559 F2276 YY*
16839810-C-T 14727930-C-T FGC1575 CTS6349 YY*
16966024-T-C 14854144-T-C FGC1577 F2345 YY*
18567169-T-G 16455289-T-G PF4577 CTS8938 YY*
17012180-C-A 14900300-C-A YSC0000289 PF3546 L748 YY*
18552360-G-C 16440480-G-C PF4576 F2769 Y*
17040447-C-A 14928567-C-A FGC1584 F2366 YY*
18588650-A-G 16476770-A-G PF4578 CTS8974 YY*
17693210-A-G 15581330-A-G PF4569 CTS7832 YY*
17200869-G-A 15088989-G-A FGC1565 CTS6932 YY*
17660074-T-G 15548194-T-G YY*
17637446-T-C 15525566-T-C PF4568 CTS7738 YY*
17367321-C-A 15255441-C-A JYSC0001286 PF4563 CTS7229 YY*
17510402-C-G 15398522-C-G YY*
16475682-C-T 14363802-C-T YSC0001305 PF4558 F2174 YY*
16401405-C-G 14289525-C-G PF4555 CTS5628 YY*
15472863-T-C 13360983-T-C YY*
19166861-T-C 17054981-T-C PF3554 P123 F4281 Y*
15512225-AG-A 13400345-AG-A *
19194316-C-T 17082436-C-T YSC0001312 PF4585 F2973 YY*
19179335-T-C 17067455-T-C PF4584 P209 Y*
15554989-A-G 13443109-A-G PF3539 F4188 V3028 YY*
15581303-G-A 13469423-G-A YSC0001304 PF4546 F1973 YY*
15602183-G-A 13490303-G-A PF4547 CTS4349 YY*
18804950-C-T 16693070-C-T PF4581 YY*
16268345-C-G 14156465-C-G YSC0000785 PF4553 F2116 YY*
15913787-A-C 13801907-A-C PF4549 CTS4937 YY*
16180103-A-G 14068223-A-G PF4550 CTS5280 Y*
18773505-C-T 16661625-C-T PF4580 F2839 YY*
16262942-G-A 14151062-G-A PF4551 F2114 YY*
18695159-C-T 16583279-C-T PF4579 F2817 YY*
18633084-C-A 16521204-C-A YSC0001311 F2794 V3346 YY*
8222299-T-C 8354258-T-C L403 FGC1573 YY*
9872484-T-C 10034875-T-C YSC0001301 F1632 YY*
7694266-G-A 7826225-G-A YSC0000070 FGC1564 YY*
22514081-T-G 20352195-T-G Y*
21603164-G-T 19441278-G-T YY*
21811108-T-G 19649222-T-G YY*
22003770-A-G 19841884-A-G YSC0000227 F597 YY*
22072340-G-C 19910454-G-C YY*
22506256-G-T 20344370-G-T PF4605 DYZ19 *
6753511-A-G 6885470-A-G YY*
7517252-G-T 7649211-G-T YSC0001321 PF4511 Y*
21456883-A-G 19294997-A-G YY*
22808370-T-C 20646484-T-C CTS10859 YY*
23342709-A-C 21180823-A-C YY*
23489203-T-C 21327317-T-C YY*
22465433-G-C 20303547-G-C Z7829 DYZ19 *
22234109-T-G 20072223-T-G FGC1612 Z7824 DYZ19 *
23550924-C-A 21389038-C-A YY*
21570974-A-G 19409088-A-G YY*
20812228-C-T 18650342-C-T P4_Gap *
23993156-C-A 21847009-C-A *
18647146-C-A 16535266-C-A YSC0000205 YY*
17206350-T-G 15094470-T-G CTS6948 YY*
17341676-G-A 15229796-G-A CTS7194 YY*
17470112-A-G 15358232-A-G YY*
17508337-T-C 15396457-T-C YY*
17559652-C-T 15447772-C-T CTS7604 YY*
18028661-G-A 15916781-G-A Y*
18831084-G-A 16719204-G-A YSC0000966 V3529 YY*
19315988-T-A 17204108-T-A V4004 YY*
6868118-A-G 7000077-A-G YY*
18964263-G-A 16852383-G-A YY*
19067469-T-C 16955589-T-C YSC0000270 V3732 YY*
22749853-A-C 20587967-A-C JPF4609 PAGES00016 M304 Page16 YY*
22708656-C-T 20546770-C-T YSC0001315 PF4608 F3347 YY*
19144375-T-C 17032495-T-C YY*
23979899-T-C 21833752-T-C Y*
22484240-G-T 20322354-G-T FGC1592 DYZ19 *
22229801-C-T 20067915-C-T Z7823 DYZ19 *
6701239-A-G 6833198-A-G YY*
6390285-C-A 6522244-C-A *
7292720-T-C 7424679-T-C PF4509 F4072 S34 YY*
7190277-A-G 7322236-A-G FGC1579 F922 YY*
7180976-G-A 7312935-G-A PF4508 CTS1068 YY*
7126936-G-T 7258895-G-T YSC0000066 PF4506 Y*
21281892-C-A 19120006-C-A PF4591 YY*
7065239-T-C 7197198-T-C YSC0000064 PF4505 YY*
7048870-G-A 7180829-G-A CTS852 PF4504 YY*
21507294-C-G 19345408-C-G YY*
21730257-G-C 19568371-G-C YY*
21858778-C-A 19696892-C-A PF4595 YY*
21461202-G-A 19299316-G-A PF3562 YY*
4352151-A-G 4484110-A-G A19936 *
22024891-CA-C 19863005-CA-C *
2902839-C-T 3034798-C-T Z43714 YY*
22118776-A-G 19956890-A-G PF4598 YY*
4874629-C-T 5006588-C-T *
17786568-C-A 15674688-C-A **
17843105-T-C 15731225-T-C **
17584264-G-C 15472384-G-C **
11649311-A-C **
11663068-G-T **
16598957-G-T 14487077-G-T **
16584017-C-A 14472137-C-A **
16571893-T-C 14460013-T-C **
16540260-C-A 14428380-C-A **
13809465-AT-A 11688759-AT-A **
16540275-G-A 14428395-G-A **
18092948-C-A 15981068-C-A **
17730306-A-T 15618426-A-T **
16539552-A-G 14427672-A-G **
17730363-A-T 15618483-A-T **
18287493-G-C 16175613-G-C P6_Prx **
16488055-T-A 14376175-T-A **
16478191-T-A 14366311-T-A **
17730317-A-G 15618437-A-G **
16877034-T-A 14765154-T-A **
18010900-T-A 15899020-T-A P7_Dst **
18263789-C-T 16151909-C-T **
13446539-CCAT-C 11290863-CCAT-C **
17496991-T-C 15385111-T-C **
18035699-AC-A 15923819-AC-A **
18154469-A-T 16042589-A-T **
13631280-A-T 11475604-A-T **
17882866-G-C 15770986-G-C **
17461936-C-T 15350056-C-T **
17714878-C-A 15602998-C-A **
17718447-C-T 15606567-C-T **
18154605-A-G 16042725-A-G **
11642978-G-T **
17664831-C-A 15552951-C-A **
17718448-A-C 15606568-A-C **
17379029-G-T 15267149-G-T **
18154309-A-C 16042429-A-C **
17321971-A-G 15210091-A-G Y98776 **
17584305-A-ATT 15472425-A-ATT **
13446551-A-C 11290875-A-C **
17730292-G-A 15618412-G-A **
17096130-T-A 14984250-T-A **
17847515-C-A 15735635-C-A **
17669703-ATATATAT-A 15557823-ATATATAT-A **
17630945-T-A 15519065-T-A **
15635848-T-C 13523968-T-C **
16478189-T-A 14366309-T-A **
14013576-G-T 11892870-G-T **
14799840-A-T 12687911-A-T **
14984457-A-G 12872525-A-G Y92699 **
14073894-T-C 11953188-T-C **
14985977-T-A 12874045-T-A **
56874118-A-T **
14067951-C-A 11947245-C-A **
14029978-G-T 11909272-G-T **
14009440-C-A 11888734-C-A **
14769364-GT-G 12657433-GT-G **
15064957-C-A 12953049-C-A **
13993407-G-T 11872701-G-T **
13993400-T-A 11872694-T-A **
13993360-C-G 11872654-C-G **
15073137-C-A 12961227-C-A **
15209280-C-A 13097366-C-A **
15239589-T-C 13127675-T-C **
15252727-G-T 13140813-G-T **
14789408-G-A 12677479-G-A **
14073908-G-T 11953202-G-T **
13946195-T-C 11825489-T-C **
14593078-T-A 12481278-T-A **
14421935-T-A 12301210-T-A **
14511814-G-A 12400019-G-A **
14556396-T-A 12444597-T-A **
14561314-C-T 12449515-C-T **
14366248-G-T 12245543-G-T **
14354368-T-C 12233663-T-C **
14574520-A-G 12462720-A-G **
14286924-T-G 12166218-T-G **
14761266-G-C 12649335-G-C **
14622795-C-A 12510993-C-A **
14627045-C-A 12515113-C-A **
14286923-G-A 12166217-G-A **
14660393-G-C 12548458-G-C **
14743152-CT-C 12631220-CT-C **
14269817-A-C 12149111-A-C **
14246642-G-A 12125936-G-A Y90806 **
14743154-C-CAAA 12631222-C-CAAA 19×A**
13946255-A-C 11825549-A-C **
15333434-A-G 13221552-A-G **
16462381-A-T 14350501-A-T **
16119502-A-ACT 14007622-A-ACT P8_Prx **
13919575-C-A 11798869-C-A **
15969706-C-A 13857826-C-A **
16006083-A-G 13894203-A-G **
16023232-A-G 13911352-A-G **
16029625-C-A 13917745-C-A **
16116638-G-A 14004758-G-A P8_Prx **
16116657-A-T 14004777-A-T P8_Prx **
16119955-A-C 14008075-A-C P8_Prx **
15742050-T-C 13630170-T-C **
16119968-T-TTTCTTTCC 14008088-T-TTTCTTTCC P8_Prx **
16120061-G-A 14008181-G-A P8_Prx **
16181227-T-C 14069347-T-C **
13871439-C-A 11750733-C-A **
16324129-T-C 14212249-T-C **
16405449-C-A 14293569-C-A **
16417330-C-A 14305450-C-A **
16427777-T-G 14315897-T-G **
13919583-C-A 11798877-C-A **
15729193-G-C 13617313-G-C **
13946101-C-A 11825395-C-A **
15592788-G-A 13480908-G-A S27399 **
15333439-C-A 13221557-C-A **
15333441-A-G 13221559-A-G **
13934227-T-C 11813521-T-C **
15333459-T-C 13221577-T-C **
15333462-A-T 13221580-A-T **
15420064-A-C 13308184-A-C **
15584542-T-C 13472662-T-C **
56874099-G-C **
13921737-A-G 11801031-A-G **
13934122-C-A 11813416-C-A **
15622689-T-G 13510809-T-G **
14451093-A-C 12330366-A-C **
15641868-A-T 13529988-A-T **
13934115-A-C 11813409-A-C **
13934078-A-G 11813372-A-G **
13934057-A-G 11813351-A-G **
15648836-C-G 13536956-C-G **
18287600-A-C 16175720-A-C P6_Prx **
21699136-T-G 19537250-T-G **
18344553-G-A 16232673-G-A P6_Prx **
23285409-C-A 21123523-C-A **
56850126-T-G **
23055244-A-T 20893358-A-T **
23066890-C-T 20905004-C-T **
23126337-T-A 20964451-T-A **
23184676-G-T 21022790-G-T **
23204481-C-T 21042595-C-T **
23252544-G-A 21090658-G-A **
23259220-C-A 21097334-C-A **
23291001-C-T 21129115-C-T **
22965058-C-A 20803172-C-A **
23306522-A-G 21144636-A-G **
23345668-C-A 21183782-C-A **
23421068-G-T 21259182-G-T **
56842433-C-A **
23590957-GT-C 21429071-GT-C **
56827617-C-A **
23590963-C-T 21429077-C-T **
23590971-C-T 21429085-C-T **
56850935-T-G **
56874067-T-A **
56678025-C-T **
22274653-G-C 20112767-G-C FGC27625 DYZ19 **
56874069-A-C **
22010297-C-T 19848411-C-T **
22012041-G-T 19850155-G-T **
22137038-T-C 19975152-T-C Y108476 **
22228152-A-C 20066266-A-C DYZ19 **
22274609-C-A 20112723-C-A DYZ19 **
22274610-T-C 20112724-T-C DYZ19 **
22274626-A-T 20112740-A-T DYZ19 **
22274657-T-C 20112771-T-C DYZ19 **
22950323-A-C 20788437-A-C **
22336510-T-G 20174624-T-G DYZ19 **
22353500-A-T 20191614-A-T DYZ19 **
22360941-C-T 20199055-C-T DYZ19 **
22360944-C-A 20199058-C-A DYZ19 **
22520740-G-A 20358854-G-A **
22551623-A-G 20389737-A-G **
22730368-A-G 20568482-A-G **
22793973-A-G 20632087-A-G ZS6495 **
23745548-C-A 21583662-C-A **
23818568-G-T 21656682-G-T **
21738718-C-A 19576832-C-A **
28679133-T-C 26532986-T-C **
28742540-A-C 26596393-A-C **
26248073-G-T 24101926-G-T P1_Y1 **
28714974-T-C 26568827-T-C **
26415701-G-GA 24269554-G-GA P1_Y1 **
26415720-G-C 24269573-G-C P1_Y1 **
26454704-G-A 24308557-G-A P1_Y1 **
27872821-C-A 25726674-C-A P1_Y2 **
28679134-A-G 26532987-A-G **
28170048-G-T 26023901-G-T P1_b4 **
26140317-T-G 23994170-T-G P1_Y1 **
28679132-C-T 26532985-C-T **
28566335-G-A 26420188-G-A **
28492918-C-A 26346771-C-A **
28519523-C-A 26373376-C-A **
28541768-A-G 26395621-A-G **
28547467-T-G 26401320-T-G **
28562241-A-G 26416094-A-G **
28547521-A-T 26401374-A-T **
26140331-A-G 23994184-A-G P1_Y1 **
26140308-T-C 23994161-T-C P1_Y1 **
24016988-T-TG 21870841-T-TG **
25929247-T-A 23783100-T-A P1_Y1 **
24271458-T-TGC 22125311-T-TGC P3_b1 **
24271526-T-C 22125379-T-C P3_b1 **
24597836-G-TTTTTT 22451689-G-TTTTTT P3_t2 **
24597846-A-C 22451699-A-C P3_t2 **
28803682-A-G 26657535-A-G **
24634099-G-C 22487952-G-C P3_t2 **
25866389-A-T 23720242-A-T P1_Y1 **
13446482-T-A 11290806-T-A **
28782309-G-A 26636162-G-A **
26140293-A-T 23994146-A-T P1_Y1 **
25929289-A-T 23783142-A-T P1_Y1 **
25929313-A-C 23783166-A-C P1_Y1 **
25929319-T-A 23783172-T-A P1_Y1 **
25929394-G-C 23783247-G-C P1_Y1 **
25938232-C-A 23792085-C-A P1_Y1 **
26001429-T-C 23855282-T-C P1_Y1 **
26057931-G-A 23911784-G-A P1_Y1 **
28781519-T-C 26635372-T-C Z32421 **
26140276-C-G 23994129-C-G P1_Y1 **
21954907-T-C 19793021-T-C **
21563202-C-T 19401316-C-T Y106904 **
18344554-TGTAA-T 16232674-TGTAA-T P6_Prx **
19304604-G-T 17192724-G-T **
19128775-C-A 17016895-C-A **
19135199-G-T 17023319-G-T **
19189601-C-T 17077721-C-T **
19189604-C-G 17077724-C-G **
19189605-GC-G 17077725-GC-G **
19235250-A-T 17123370-A-T **
19247095-C-T 17135215-C-T **
19250822-G-A 17138942-G-A Z29417 Y12588 **
19368475-C-T 17256595-C-T Y104528 **
19000052-T-C 16888172-T-C **
19403931-T-C 17292051-T-C **
19411716-A-T 17299836-A-T **
19529132-G-T 17417252-G-T **
19529167-G-T 17417287-G-T **
19667737-C-A 17555857-C-A P5_Prx 8×T**
19667759-T-A 17555879-T-A P5_Prx **
19842253-A-C 17730373-A-C P5_Prx **
19842278-T-A 17730398-T-A P5_Prx **
19122107-T-A 17010227-T-A **
18926815-G-A 16814935-G-A **
19843024-A-C 17731144-A-C P5_Prx **
18742307-A-C 16630427-A-C **
18344568-T-G 16232688-T-G P6_Prx **
18396628-T-C 16284748-T-C Y101884 P6_Gap **
18465463-C-T 16353583-C-T P6_Dst **
18511660-A-G 16399780-A-G P6_Dst **
18522570-G-A 16410690-G-A P6_Dst **
18625910-G-T 16514030-G-T **
18631046-A-T 16519166-A-T **
18701735-C-A 16589855-C-A **
18753157-C-A 16641277-C-A **
18853100-T-G 16741220-T-G **
18753197-C-A 16641317-C-A **
18753200-A-C 16641320-A-C **
18753205-A-C 16641325-A-C **
18753209-G-A 16641329-G-A **
18753342-A-T 16641462-A-T **
18753369-G-C 16641489-G-C **
18753427-C-T 16641547-C-T **
18847983-T-A 16736103-T-A **
19843019-A-G 17731139-A-G P5_Prx **
19843032-C-T 17731152-C-T P5_Prx **
21528198-A-C 19366312-A-C **
21143990-T-A 18982104-T-A Y105528 **
20693749-A-C 18531863-A-C P4_Prx **
20751919-A-T 18590033-A-T P4_Prx **
20780192-T-C 18618306-T-C P4_Prx **
20854380-AAAAAACAT-A 18692494-AAAAAACAT-A P4_Dst **
20974870-C-A 18812984-C-A P4_Dst **
21003205-A-T 18841319-A-T P4_Dst **
21003230-T-TA 18841344-T-TA P4_Dst **
21095738-A-C 18933852-A-C **
21211479-A-T 19049593-A-T **
20693283-G-C 18531397-G-C P4_Prx **
21283417-T-G 19121531-T-G **
21296633-C-A 19134747-C-A **
21371651-A-G 19209765-A-G **
21371658-T-C 19209772-T-C **
21371660-A-T 19209774-A-T **
21382132-C-T 19220246-C-T **
21488615-C-T 19326729-C-T **
21505565-C-A 19343679-C-A **
20693304-A-C 18531418-A-C P4_Prx **
20693276-T-A 18531390-T-A P4_Prx **
19843036-T-A 17731156-T-A P5_Prx **
20051030-A-T 17939150-A-T P5_Prx **
19843043-A-C 17731163-A-C P5_Prx **
19843064-T-A 17731184-T-A P5_Prx **
19966224-C-G 17854344-C-G P5_Prx **
19966295-C-T 17854415-C-T P5_Prx **
19966330-T-G 17854450-T-G P5_Prx **
19966340-A-C 17854460-A-C P5_Prx **
19966345-A-AC 17854465-A-AC P5_Prx **
20040401-A-C 17928521-A-C P5_Prx **
20051036-T-G 17939156-T-G P5_Prx **
20693259-T-C 18531373-T-C P4_Prx **
20051058-A-C 17939178-A-C P5_Prx **
20051089-T-A 17939209-T-A P5_Prx **
20352373-A-G 18190487-A-G P5_Dst **
20413643-T-TC 18251757-T-TC P5_Dst **
20440390-A-C 18278504-A-C P5_Dst **
20579297-A-G 18417411-A-G P5_Dst **
20579312-A-C 18417426-A-C P5_Dst **
20579321-C-T 18417435-C-T P5_Dst **
20579355-C-T 18417469-C-T P5_Dst **
13446530-CATTCCAT-C 11290854-CATTCCAT-C **
15439859-G-C 13327979-G-C **
13331566-A-C 11175890-A-C **
13490438-C-A 11334762-C-A **
7172518-G-T 7304477-G-T **
8827398-A-T 8959357-A-T PF4899 **
8786801-G-A 8918760-G-A FGC7618 Z7811 **
35835-C-A **
2791145-A-G 2923104-A-G **
19610424-C-A 17498544-C-A P5_Prx **
4230241-C-A 4362200-C-A **
10678642-C-G **
14366258-A-C 12245553-A-C **
23055238-A-C 20893352-A-C **
5185422-C-G 5317381-C-G **
10912077-C-A **
6277750-C-G 6409709-C-G IR3_Dst **
10766471-C-A **
13320641-C-A 11164965-C-A **
8274028-C-A 8405987-C-A **
14537709-C-A 12425910-C-A **
21115939-C-A 18954053-C-A **
6801164-C-A 6933123-C-A **
22551445-C-A 20389559-C-A **
10750697-A-T **
14743139-A-G 12631207-A-G **
21139308-C-A 18977422-C-A **
13481356-G-C 11325680-G-C Z7818 **
15012322-G-T 12900410-G-T **
28679117-T-C 26532970-T-C **
13457598-A-T 11301922-A-T Z7739 **
15619068-C-A 13507188-C-A **
4968902-T-G 5100861-T-G **
16274321-T-A 14162441-T-A **
13974688-T-C 11853982-T-C **
15729194-C-A 13617314-C-A **
20050992-G-T 17939112-G-T P5_Prx **
10646002-C-A **
17584276-C-T 15472396-C-T **
11664634-C-A **
4314489-CA-C 4446448-CA-C **
13324860-G-T 11169184-G-T **
17584238-A-C 15472358-A-C **
10750670-T-G **
3778422-C-A 3910381-C-A **
3343357-A-C 3475316-A-C **
3450616-C-A 3582575-C-A **
3545588-T-A 3677547-T-A **
3622238-A-C 3754197-A-C **
3640532-TTTCCTTCC-T 3772491-TTTCCTTCC-T 9×TTCC**
3747209-GCA-G 3879168-GCA-G **
3762320-C-A 3894279-C-A **
13217239-G-T 11061563-G-T **
3271513-T-C 3403472-T-C **
3876942-A-T 4008901-A-T **
3876959-T-G 4008918-T-G **
3933135-T-C 4065094-T-C **
3953362-G-T 4085321-G-T **
4063129-C-G 4195088-C-G **
4063155-G-C 4195114-G-C **
4063185-A-C 4195144-A-C **
4063196-A-T 4195155-A-T **
3272835-T-G 3404794-T-G **
3205879-A-T 3337838-A-T **
10841217-C-A **
2745307-C-T 2877266-C-T **
13217234-C-T 11061558-C-T **
17276179-A-T 15164299-A-T **
13872222-C-T 11751516-C-T **
6808132-TAC-T 6940091-TAC-T **
2649789-CGA-C 2781748-CGA-C **
2665508-C-T 2797467-C-T **
2702340-A-T 2834299-A-T **
4968368-G-T 5100327-G-T FGC204 **
3205858-CAAAA-C 3337817-CAAAA-C 15×A**
2785220-A-T 2917179-A-T **
2773548-G-A 2905507-G-A CTS161 L927 PF4885 **
2842946-T-C 2974905-T-C **
2979614-G-T 3111573-G-T **
3119267-C-A 3251226-C-A **
3119320-C-A 3251279-C-A **
3158812-A-T 3290771-A-T **
3205858-C-G 3337817-C-G 15×A**
10750674-A-C **
10750648-C-A **
4136658-A-C 4268617-A-C **
6277754-C-CGT 6409713-C-CGT IR3_Dst **
24244623-A-C 22098476-A-C P3_b1 **
23590954-G-C 21429068-G-C **
4005957-A-AT 4137916-A-AT 12×T**
17756733-C-T 15644853-C-T CTS7943 **
16437462-A-G 14325582-A-G L532 **
16320405-T-A 14208525-T-A **
20798751-A-AG 18636865-A-AG P4_Prx **
2948458-C-A 3080417-C-A **
18772490-C-T 16660610-C-T CTS9245 PF4977 AM01355 **
15894631-T-A 13782751-T-A **
13213263-C-A 11057587-C-A **
10760418-T-G **
16293662-G-A 14181782-G-A PF4911 CTS5461 **
21185052-C-A 19023166-C-A **
10788171-C-A **
10782966-C-A **
18172894-AG-A 16061014-AG-A **
20579335-G-C 18417449-G-C P5_Dst **
26834649-A-G 24688502-A-G P1_g2 **
22757708-G-C 20595822-G-C PF4610 AM01357 **
16084316-C-T 13972436-C-T Y12370 Z28451 **
17125984-A-G 15014104-A-G Z6050 **
18987008-T-C 16875128-T-C Y103267 **
5815373-T-C 5947332-T-C Z22866 **
6931538-C-A 7063497-C-A **
26379197-C-A 24233050-C-A P1_Y1 **
28714545-TAGG-T 26568398-TAGG-T **
22360948-A-T 20199062-A-T DYZ19 **
18232033-CTT-C 16120153-CTT-C 11×T**
19189614-AT-A 17077734-AT-A **
28545016-CAAA-C 26398869-CAAA-C 22×A**
21555393-G-A 19393507-G-A PF4929 **
16917864-C-A 14805984-C-A V162 **
21220741-T-C 19058855-T-C Y1830 FGC1560 **
19531673-C-T 17419793-C-T CTS10551 PF4981 **
19274889-A-G 17163009-A-G PF4979 **
18035698-G-C 15923818-G-C **
15986762-C-G 13874882-C-G PF5097 CTS5047 **
13510630-C-A 11354954-C-A **
18847979-T-C 16736099-T-C **
18011006-T-TG 15899126-T-TG P7_Dst **
10801325-A-T FGCLR47 **
17284570-G-T 15172690-G-T **
10759839-C-T **
5292858-C-A 5424817-C-A **
14098846-C-A 11978140-C-A **
15333415-G-T 13221533-G-T **
3205874-CA-C 3337833-CA-C 11×A**
19189549-G-A 17077669-G-A **
18190583-C-A 16078703-C-A **
19189570-C-T 17077690-C-T **
7633148-C-A 7765107-C-A **
13466369-C-A 11310693-C-A **
10987416-C-G **
6874574-C-A 7006533-C-A **
28815172-T-C 26669025-T-C **
10762492-T-G **
19529404-C-A 17417524-C-A **
18195926-C-A 16084046-C-A **
11037084-T-C **
19127881-T-C 17016001-T-C **
14392807-T-C 12272103-T-C CTS2618 **
10760409-C-G **
20751889-T-C 18590003-T-C P4_Prx **
7935753-C-A 8067712-C-A **
17584263-C-T 15472383-C-T **
5220407-C-A 5352366-C-A **
14358425-C-A 12237720-C-A **
10760393-T-G **
13507032-T-C 11351356-T-C **
10899312-C-A **
11647176-C-A **
22010294-T-C 19848408-T-C **
10763135-C-A **
56850940-A-T **
16692068-T-A 14580188-T-A **
17004556-C-A 14892676-C-A **
7821340-C-A 7953299-C-A **
14418174-A-G 12297449-A-G **
4073246-G-T 4205205-G-T **
3846885-C-A 3978844-C-A **
4158050-CTCATA-C 4290009-CTCATA-C **
10065315-C-A 10227706-C-A **
9900453-C-T 10062844-C-T **
9959199-A-G 10121590-A-G **
9983408-T-A 10145799-T-A **
9997879-C-A 10160270-C-A **
10026821-A-C 10189212-A-C **
10029888-G-T 10192279-G-T **
10050920-A-G 10213311-A-G **
10678584-A-T **
9689276-T-TG 9851667-T-TG IR3_Prx **
10678603-C-A **
10678614-A-ATTCTG **
10678629-A-AGTCCG **
10678649-A-G **
10683313-C-A **
10683324-T-A **
10683348-A-C **
9849811-G-T 10012202-G-T **
9689144-A-G 9851535-A-G IR3_Prx **
10744214-C-A **
4208362-T-A 4340321-T-A **
8988089-A-T 9150480-A-T **
9030100-G-T 9192491-G-T **
6753303-G-T 6885262-G-T **
9177422-T-A 9339813-T-A **
9195494-C-T 9357885-C-T **
9386133-C-T 9548524-C-T Y38243 **
9398013-T-A 9560404-T-A **
9398025-A-G 9560416-A-G **
9605882-A-AG 9768273-A-AG IR3_Prx **
22934109-G-A 20772223-G-A A18557 **
9453904-A-G 9616295-A-G **
9513244-T-A 9675635-T-A **
9513258-A-T 9675649-A-T **
9519193-T-G 9681584-T-G **
9605801-A-G 9768192-A-G IR3_Prx **
9605872-A-AAT 9768263-A-AAT IR3_Prx **
10694090-C-A **
10750651-T-C **
8705964-G-C 8837923-G-C **
11009975-T-G **
10894454-T-C **
10898759-G-T **
10924817-C-G **
10926561-C-A **
10958046-CACAG-C **
10980620-T-A **
10990663-C-T **
11013998-A-T **
10888058-T-C **
11014647-T-G **
11022241-C-A **
11032509-C-A **
11037091-T-G **
13199284-G-A 11043608-G-A **
13218934-T-A 11063258-T-A **
13244883-G-T 11089207-G-T **
10888145-G-T **
10888054-T-G **
10750711-A-C **
10777624-C-A **
10750716-A-G **
10750721-G-C **
10750723-G-A **
10750742-G-A **
10750791-T-A **
10753567-T-A **
10773802-C-G **
10780267-T-G **
10841080-T-C **
10782042-T-G **
10782314-C-A **
10782838-C-A **
10783013-T-C **
10814244-T-A **
10834120-T-C **
10841063-A-C **
22094491-T-C 19932605-T-C **
9398024-G-A 9560415-G-A **
8216102-T-A 8348061-T-A Y86142 **
6179558-T-C 6311517-T-C IR3_Dst **
6028534-T-G 6160493-T-G **
6094664-A-C 6226623-A-C **
6112745-C-A 6244704-C-A **
6112926-G-C 6244885-G-C **
6147611-G-T 6279570-G-T IR3_Dst **
6177398-T-C 6309357-T-C IR3_Dst **
6179504-T-A 6311463-T-A IR3_Dst **
6179605-T-A 6311564-T-A IR3_Dst **
5976621-G-A 6108580-G-A **
6286141-A-C 6418100-A-C IR3_Dst **
6286160-A-G 6418119-A-G IR3_Dst **
6286179-T-G 6418138-T-G IR3_Dst **
6357771-C-T 6489730-C-T **
6384642-T-C 6516601-T-C **
6458311-A-T 6590270-A-T **
6477615-G-A 6609574-G-A **
5991784-C-A 6123743-C-A **
5967596-G-A 6099555-G-A **
6603082-C-A 6735041-C-A **
4920071-A-C 5052030-A-C **
4241853-C-T 4373812-C-T **
23202551-G-C 21040665-G-C CTS11647 **
4395386-C-A 4527345-C-A **
4442539-T-G 4574498-T-G **
4540665-G-A 4672624-G-A **
4873745-A-C 5005704-A-C **
4899683-C-A 5031642-C-A **
4920116-T-C 5052075-T-C **
5881007-C-A 6012966-C-A **
5331632-T-G 5463591-T-G **
5394805-G-C 5526764-G-C **
5495495-G-T 5627454-G-T **
5798435-G-T 5930394-G-T **
5815217-T-A 5947176-T-A **
5815271-T-C 5947230-T-C **
5815377-G-C 5947336-G-C **
6535374-A-G 6667333-A-G **
13854423-G-T 11733717-G-T Y9716 Z9036 **
6664481-T-A 6796440-T-A **
7235284-A-G 7367243-A-G **
7169819-C-T 7301778-C-T **
7172469-G-T 7304428-G-T **
7172478-T-G 7304437-T-G **
7172499-G-C 7304458-G-C **
7204255-C-T 7336214-C-T Y83590 **
7235011-A-C 7366970-A-C **
7235301-T-G 7367260-T-G **
7085223-C-A 7217182-C-A **
7240829-G-A 7372788-G-A **
7255207-A-C 7387166-A-C **
7704940-G-A 7836899-G-A Y84730 **
8052020-T-G 8183979-T-G **
8079458-T-C 8211417-T-C **
8112652-C-G 8244611-C-G **
8119092-G-T 8251051-G-T **
7100183-G-T 7232142-G-T **
7223559-T-A 7355518-T-A **
7045764-A-G 7177723-A-G **
6814647-C-A 6946606-C-A Y61012 **
6767710-G-C 6899669-G-C **
6816545-TGAA-T 6948504-TGAA-T **
6780717-C-A 6912676-C-A **
6976292-A-G 7108251-A-G **
6830779-T-C 6962738-T-C **
18617596-T-C 16505716-T-C CTS9018 FGC188 ***
22024569-G-A 19862683-G-A PF4597 ***
24892913-A-G 22746766-A-G g1 ***
24877156-G-A 22731009-G-A g1 ***
5084471-GTTTC-G 5216430-GTTTC-G ***
9852978-G-A 10015369-G-A BY22877 ***
22319648-T-G 20157762-T-G BY1986 DYZ19 ***
28542858-T-A 26396711-T-A PF4992 ***
14628068-T-C 12516136-T-C PF4962 F1810 ***
14969634-T-G 12857709-T-G PF4908 PAGES00028 M172 Page28 ***
18744476-C-T 16632596-C-T CTS9200 V3466 ***
7863189-A-G 7995148-A-G ***
17136854-T-C 15024974-T-C PF4560 F2390 ***
6129336-T-A 6261295-T-A PF4501 ***
9173558-C-A 9335949-C-A FGC45051 ***
7570822-C-G 7702781-C-G ***
21923739-A-T 19761853-A-T FGC1599 S23720 Z7822 ***
7232850-TTATA-T 7364809-TTATA-T ***
19267344-A-C 17155464-A-C FGC201 ***
15277466-G-A 13165555-G-A YSC0001275 PF4543 CTS3936 ***
8708375-A-G 8840334-A-G BY3394 15×TG***
16294038-CATTTT-C 14182158-CATTTT-C ***
21761275-G-T 19599389-G-T ***
8677159-TGAG-T 8809118-TGAG-T ***
18084124-T-A 15972244-T-A PF4573 F2707 ***
15607864-T-A 13495984-T-A PF4548 CTS4356 ***
16434671-C-T 14322791-C-T PF4557 CTS5691 ***
28792463-G-A 26646316-G-A ***
21661676-G-T 19499790-G-T FGC190 ***
21329083-T-C 19167197-T-C YSC0001314 PF4592 F3176 ***
7719447-C-CG 7851406-C-CG Y2387 8×G***
9764339-A-G 9926730-A-G BY23177 ***
13821157-TG-T 11700451-TG-T ***
56839391-G-T ***
15055079-A-T 12943170-A-T Y1885 FGC1581 CTS3597 ***
18950820-C-A 16838940-C-A CTS9533 PF4582 ***
18952077-G-A 16840197-G-A CTS9538 PF4919 ***
19007619-C-CATAT 16895739-C-CATAT 10×AT***
3389009-C-T 3520968-C-T ***
17996247-A-G 15884367-A-G PF4572 P7_Gap ***
11015169-ATATCC-A,ATATTC ***
13453688-C-T 11298012-C-T ***
2810388-TTG-T,TT 2942347-TTG-T,TT ***
6368879-G-T 6500838-G-T ***
17514236-C-A 15402356-C-A ***
17799012-C-A 15687132-C-A ***
18067456-AAAGAAAGG-A 15955576-AAAGAAAGG-A ***
2813000-C-A 2944959-C-A ***
18853070-C-G 16741190-C-G Y102871 ***
16386361-AT-A 14274481-AT-A ***
5412097-A-G 5544056-A-G ***
21895593-A-T 19733707-A-T ***
7925833-GT-G,GTT 8057792-GT-G,GTT 11×T***
19558743-G-A 17446863-G-A Y105121 ***
13257524-C-A 11101848-C-A ***
7000546-A-G 7132505-A-G ***
7197570-ATTTTT-A,ATT 7329529-ATTTTT-A,ATT 19×T***
10754934-CTCCATTCCAT-C ***
9403255-T-A 9565646-T-A ***
13257505-G-T 11101829-G-T ***
13482594-C-T 11326918-C-T ***
13526316-C-A 11370640-C-A ***
13846815-G-A 11726109-G-A ***
14315428-A-G 12194722-A-G ***
14858425-T-A 12746491-T-A Y12613 Z28470 ***
7226938-C-A 7358897-C-A ***
15439097-A-G 13327217-A-G Y93803 ***
8214827-T-C 8346786-T-C A19938 ***
15482716-C-G 13370836-C-G Y93889 ***
15593179-C-T 13481299-C-T ***
8446218-A-C 8578177-A-C Y86887 ***
7927984-G-T 8059943-G-T ***
13489482-C-G 11333806-C-G ***
10986811-C-A ***
13694920-C-A 11539244-C-A BY26273 ***
22845109-T-TA 20683223-T-TA ***
22507842-G-T 20345956-G-T DYZ19 ***
9031416-ATT-A,AT 9193807-ATT-A,AT 11×T***
13459498-CCCATT-C 11303822-CCCATT-C ***
58978446-C-G 56832299-C-G ***
28809633-C-T 26663486-C-T BY12618 ***
23400066-C-A 21238180-C-A ***
58978432-C-G 56832285-C-G ***
13449554-C-T 11293878-C-T ***
22441014-A-T 20279128-A-T DYZ19 ***
22436768-G-C 20274882-G-C BY26518 DYZ19 ***
18206455-A-G 16094575-A-G Y12587 Z28448 ***
23786180-T-C 21624294-T-C Z35815 ***
24116274-C-T 21970127-C-T P3_b1 ***
23054317-C-A 20892431-C-A ***
20066675-C-T 17954795-C-T P5_Dst ***
6773354-C-A 6905313-C-A ***
7148035-C-A 7279994-C-A ***
21797070-A-G 19635184-A-G Z29422 S23560 ***
21852628-C-A 19690742-C-A ***
21929622-A-C 19767736-A-C Y107923 ***
13460997-G-C 11305321-G-C ***
22241004-A-T 20079118-A-T DYZ19 ***
9839535-G-A 10001926-G-A ***
14315406-G-T 12194700-G-T ***
22437617-G-A 20275731-G-A DYZ19 ***
22439133-T-A 20277247-T-A DYZ19 ***
22483678-G-T 20321792-G-T DYZ19 ***
22633211-C-T 20471325-C-T Y109340 ***
14825721-T-. 12713788-G-T ***
56850975-G-T ***
15821511-C-A 13709631-C-A ***

In the table above, the meaning of the confidence field depends on whether the data comes from an FTDNA kit or an FGC kit. For FTDNA kits, + implies a "PASS" result with just one possible variant, * indicates a "PASS" but with multiple variants, ** indicates "REJECTED" with just a single variant, and *** indicates "REJECTED" with multiple possible variants. 'A*' are heterozygous variants not called by FTDNA, but still pulled from the VCF file. For FGC kits, + indicates over 99% likely genuine (95% for INDELs); * over 95% likely genuine (90% for INDELs); ** about 40% likely genuine; *** about 10% likely genuine. Manual entries read directly from a BAM file will be either + indicating positive, or * indicating that the data show a mixture of possible variants.

For the FTDNA kits, the BED data is encoded in the background color of the cells. Those cells with a white background have coverage, those with a grey background indicate no coverage in the BED file, and those with a pink background indicate the mutation is on the edge of a coverage region. These pink regions often indicate that the individual may be positive for a SNP even if there is no corresponding entry in the vcf file.

The combBED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the combBED region defined in Defining a New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequencing Data by Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Guryanov, Sergey Karzhavin, Vladimir Tagankin, Vadim Urasin.

The McDonald BED column indicates whether or not the mutation is a SNP and falls in the BED region used by Dr. Iain McDonald in the age analysis he does for R-U106 men.

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